Mission Aligned Worship & Anywhere Church

November 26, 2018
Mission Aligned Worship Logo
Mission Aligned Worship launched in July 2017. We are now in the process of rebranding it to Anywhere Church because with these files you can host worship and church practically anywhere -- including meetings and conferences.
We provide a means for Mountain Sky Conference churches of all sizes to have access to a high-quality worship experience with a minimal investment of time and money; a growing challenge for churches of all sizes. We do this through leveraging recorded sermon content produced specifically for this process and pair that with music, prayers, and other necessary resources.
The online library of resources continues to grow, with new material produced nearly every week of the year. There are three basic file types churches are utilizing include full worship services, music, and sermons.
Full Worship
These include complete worship services packaged within PowerPoint files that contain unison prayers, worship songs in video format with words included on screen, video sermon and more. These PowerPoint files are combined with half-sheet bulletins for distribution to the congregation and fully scripted leader’s guides. Each week's package of files is assembled into a single zip file for downloading.
Worship songs and hymns are available for any church that: is unable to secure a musician to help lead singing on any given Sunday and does not have anyone available to play for Sunday worship. The songs are made available as video files, complete with lyrics embedded on screen, and as mp3 audio files. As of December 2018, there are now over 100 songs in the library, and that number will continue to grow.
The individual sermons, used in the complete worship resources (above), are available as separate video files for use as needed.
We've been tracking download statistics since August 2018. Here are the numbers for August through October:
208 downloads of music files
57 downloads of full worship zip files
11 downloads of sermon files
When considering those numbers, also consider how much in labor and finances are saved by the multiple churches using them.
What are churches saying?
  • [These] resources - especially the music videos - are amazing! For a church that relies on volunteer musicians, these are a Godsend. Thank you! Keep them coming!
  • We love it!
  • A great resource! It provides us with a variety of pastors and sermons we otherwise would not have access to!
  • Quality, FREE resources to use when a musician or preacher isn’t available. A Godsend.
  • We no longer have the stress of trying to fill the pulpit on a weekly basis.
While this project was initially targetting small, rural and isolated churches in our conference, we are finding that larger churches use them as well, as needed. Best of all, there is no cost to Mountain Sky Conference churches to get involved.
Visit our new website at anywherechurch.org to learn more, and register to get immediate access to the growing library of worship resources.