Mission partner Intermountain shares Chaplain Chris' sermon for online worship gatherings

May 19, 2020
Intermountain is a mission partner of the Mountain Sky Conference. For 110 years, Intermountain has brought hope and healing to children and families affected by trauma, mental health crises, and other significant difficulties.

Chaplain Chris Haughee of Intermountain Residential preaches on the connections between Jesus’ original disciples and the Church today, and the challenge of expressing love and acceptance to ALL children (Luke 18:15-17). He provides insight into the vital partnership between Intermountain and the local church to bring healing and hope to hurting children.

The Rev. Dr. Haughee is an expert in trauma-informed ministry and has written a Bible study and curriculum called Bruised Reeds & Smoldering Wicks that educates and prepares churches to engage in ministry to children and families affected by trauma and adversity.

Find out more at www.intermountain.org or www.intermountainministry.org and by calling 406-442-7920.