Mission Newsletter - Sept. 2020 - Connecting Neighbors

September 14, 2020

The Connecting Neighbors program has the goal of inspiring congregations and communities to be better able to minimize disaster-caused harm to people and property and to respond to our neighbors in helpful, cooperative and caring ways on behalf of the church and in the spirit of Jesus Christ. 
The curriculum for this UMCOR developed program is broken into three modules. They are designed to empower United Methodists to prepare for and respond to disasters.  The program is flexible, and these modules can be presented alone, one at a time or together in one session. 

Overview: The Disaster Ministry Overview provides foundational information especially useful for modules 2 and 3.
  • Module 1 - Ready Congregants: This module focuses on preparing individuals and families to be disaster-ready.

  • Module 2 - Ready Churches: This module emphasizes the importance of protecting church property and the people within the property, before and immediately following a disaster, and of the appropriate use of church property in disaster response.

  • Module 3 - Ready Response: This module encourages churches to explore their capacity for various disaster response ministries and to consider ways to engage community partners.


The Mountain Sky Conference Disaster Committee is seeking an individual to lead our efforts to grow the implementation of the Connecting Neighbors program across the conference.  As the leader of this program, you will be asked to promote this program across the Conference, present the program at churches and other events across the conference, empower others to present the program at churches and other events across the conference, and be the focal point for information and updates concerning this program for the Mountain Sky Conference.

If you are interested, please contact Dawn Skerritt – Mountain Sky Conference Disaster Committee Chair at revdawnskerritt@gmail.com