Campus Ministry Update

January 21, 2021
We are now into the third week of 2021, and while the turning of the new year does not mean that everything about 2020 magically goes away, it does signify a new beginning, or fresh start. As we embark on this “fresh start” together in Mountain Sky, I encourage you to seek out your local campus ministry and see if there are ways you can get involved. I guarantee no matter where you are in the conference, you are not too far from one of our campus ministry programs. Throughout the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing an update from all nine of our campus ministries, so be sure to check back each week. Our campus ministries are vital to the life of our conference, and they need your support in order to continue the incredible ministry they are doing. 
~Amanda M. Daniell, Coordinator of Young People’s Ministries & Camping Ministry 

Here is an update from Rocky Mountain College in Billings, MT 
Rocky Mountain College celebrates its 140-year history with the United Methodist Church!
At Rocky Mountain College, the Office of Spiritual Life is finding ways to connect with students in the midst of changing COVID safety precautions. Since in-person gatherings are limited, Chapel reflections, prayers and wellness tips are posted on Facebook and Instagram each week. Bible Studies are held via Zoom. Many activities are now offered as grab-and-go. Tables are placed outside, and as students walk by, they are invited to take a cookie or participate in a "Kindness for a Cause" project like making PB&J sandwiches for the homeless, assembling disaster relief kits, or grabbing a Ziploc bag with construction paper and markers to make cards for seniors. This is an easy way for students to put faith into action and to make a difference!
The work of the Chaplain now includes more time spent responding to emergency funding requests, managing the student food pantry and promoting student emotional wellbeing and resilience. In spite of COVID, students continue to gather in small groups to find support, discuss new ideas and ask questions. They are challenged to consider how their beliefs inform their actions and they are encouraged to grow as spiritual leaders! 
If you would like more information about Spiritual Life programming at Rocky Mountain College, please contact me: 
Rev. Kim Woeste
Chaplain/Director of Spiritual Life and Church Relations
Rocky Mountain College
Here is an update from Kindred in Fort Collins, CO 
With the start of 2021, we are excited to say that Kindred (a Wesley Foundation) has officially completed its first year holding a non-profit status! In order to truly achieve its mission, the board of CSU’s Wesley Foundation decided to make a leap of faith in 2020 to both become a non-profit and rebrand to the name “Kindred.” As we begin a new year, we simultaneously recognize the challenges of campus/young adult ministry in the midst of a pandemic and feel hopeful by how much God has already worked in and through our group since the beginning of this school year. We have plans to continue to find community service opportunities in Fort Collins, collaborate with other ministries, and hold meaningful conversations about life and faith. Our students have expressed that our weekly student meetings have been an essential encouragement during such a difficult year as well as a safe place for personal and spiritual growth. We hope to soon start a blog on our website ( so you can follow along with our journey during 2021 and beyond.