Flathead Lake Camp Tree Removal Project

March 04, 2021
"Where the Water Meets the Spirit" is born from a unique place in the world. This breathtaking point of land that juts out into Flathead Lake allows us to experience a natural setting in the company of friends, family and Spirit. Every visit is an opportunity to deepen our relationship with God. As the camp helps us maintain our health, we also have to maintain its health. Camp needs your help. Besides a significant 2020 deficit to the camp's operating budget due to Covid-19 complications and our concerns about its continuing impact in 2021, many of the Douglas firs that inhabit the camp and its grounds have been infected with Douglas fir dwarf mistletoe. The only viable option we have is to remove those select trees by hand. 

Check out this awesome video put together by Jared Stine, pastor at Columbia Falls UMC, and Rick Trembath, showing the process of removing the trees. The setting has tree problems which are solved by this project. Watch this video and visit the web story to understand more.