Center for Pastoral Effectiveness Opening Up with Live Retreats

June 24, 2021



As the church opens up, so does the Center for Pastoral Effectiveness. As leadership of the Mountain Sky Conference, you are invited to join us on this continuing education journey we began in 1999 on which over 1000 clergy are alumni.

One of our next Centers -- Track l series will begin with our first of six retreats from August 11-13, meeting at St. Andrew UMC in Highlands Ranch CO.   We already have people registered for this Center to go but we hope you can join us.
For Center Alumni, we have a Track lll beginning Sept 21-23, and a Track ll beginning Feb 1-3.

What would make you consider this now?  The anxiety in the church is high (duh!). And though "clergy burn out" is almost a burnt-out phrase that just by its mention can cause clergy to feel guilty for doing something wrong for that to even happen, it is an emotional process and not a technical one. Clergy do not burn out by working hard but rather by feeling responsible for the feelings of others. That is the emotional sucking sound! That sabotages, discourages, takes away the joy of our calling. Bottom line, it can be harmful to you (and your family!) both personally and professionally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Come and join us.  We believe you will appreciate this journey.

For more information, email Bill Selby at or Rev. Kelly Karges at