East Angola Partnership

September 22, 2021
Villagers accept seeds and tools to enhance their farming season.

Ken Koome, Global Ministries missionary in East Angola recently provided an update on our support of ministry there through his interviews with pastors.
Pastor salary support intends to provide critical income that will help increase the number of clergy as well as improve clergy living conditions. The East Angola Conference, districts and the local churches to date cannot afford to pay their pastors.
Koome expressed how thankful the Eastern Angola Conference is to the Mountain Sky Annual Conference and other individual partners for their continued supplemental salary support.

Young people have been motivated to join ministry to help reach out to the unreached. Koome reported 107 active pastors serving in different local congregations in the East Angola Conference.

Meet Pastor Nsango Alberto
Pastor Alberto is also a nurse. He joined the ministry in 2019. He has 120 active members in his church. All of them are peasant farmers and can barely support the pastor. “I am very thankful to God and the people supporting us with supplement salary. Their support has helped me open up a small pharmacy shop in the village where I serve. The nearest medical post is about 75 kilometers away; hence, my pharmacy has been helpful to the community around. I am able to meet educational, medical and other needs for my family without much strain. I have also been motivated to focus more on my ministry and support the very needy especially the elderly in my church with basic needs. I praise God because, to date, I have not had any member affected by COVID 19. My message to our friends who support us ... May the good Lord richly bless you always.”

Your continued support of the pastors in East Angola makes a difference in the lives of the pastors and the people they serve. Support can be sent through Advance 3021453.
Making a difference with pastors and agriculture
Kutela Katembo, the agriculturalist at Quessua Methodist Mission shared recently about the work being done on the farms. “The crop production was not very good last season due to the failure of rainfall. We are being impacted by climate change. The rain period was shortened so we had a smaller harvest of maize and beans. We will try again this season and hope that God will help us with enough rain for a good harvest. Our planting season begins in September. We need maize at the farm for animal feed especially for pigs and chickens. We grow various vegetables which we are able to irrigate, to support food for children at the Sunday school. We also we help the needy or hungry people in the villages with our vegetables. Sometimes we do receive children from the villages who come to beg for vegetables.”

Your continued support of the agricultural projects at Quessua is very important. It makes possible the training of students and villagers, as well as providing seeds and seedlings for them to take home. Contributions to Advance 3022272 ensures the continuation of these ministries.