Advent 2021 - Worship Resources from the General Commission on Religion and Race

October 07, 2021


If Jesus’ birth were happening today, and if Jesus were preaching that we should love and welcome refugees, or join the cry for racial justice for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, or to provide universal healthcare for all, where would you stand? Are we willing to rethink Advent and reach out to the Jesus of the refugees, the poor, and the marginalized, so that we may finally walk in the Light of Christ? Are we ready to examine this story of our faith in new ways and respond to God’s call for justice and joy, even if we are called to make significant changes in the ways we pray, love, give, speak out and act?

The General Commission on Religion and Race offers these worship resources to help pastors, preachers, Christian educators, and worship leaders guide your congregation or faith group through the time of reflection, anticipation, renewal, and joy that is the gift of the Advent Season.

You will find along with the Lectionary texts for each week:

  • Suggested hymns and songs

  • A litany and opening prayer

  • Options for sermon emphases, with notes

  • A hands-on activity for children’s church or church school

Note: This is a digital product. No physical product will be shipped.

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