Billings First UMC Drive-In Theater Event a Hit!

March 08, 2022
Drive-in Theater Fun
Box "cars" complete with vanity plates and "The Love Bug"
From building their own box “cars” and ordering from car hops, to enjoying the Disney classic “The Love Bug,” BFUMC kids, teens, parents and grandparents alike enjoyed our first family event in two years. Children’s Ministries organized the event, which took place February 27 in Brother Van Hall from 3:00-5:30 p.m.
Supplies for building the cars and large boxes were made available for a half hour of imaginative designing and building: black paper plates for wheels, small paper bowls for headlights, old overhead transparency frames for windshields, black pipe cleaners for wipers, colored paper for racing stripes, and pre-printed brake lights and personalized license plates. Even some of the adults got into the spirit, building cars out of oversized boxes! Then it was time to “park the cars” in taped out spaces facing the large screen TV monitor, while Youth Group members donned paper car hop hats and took orders for popcorn, drinks, and snacks, before watching “The Love Bug.”
Creativity, celebrating being together, and just plain fun won the day. It’s an event that will definitely have an encore!