Mountain Sky’s New Ministry Hatchathon coming in August

March 30, 2022
Registration is now open for our third annual Ministry Incubator’s Hatchathon, August 2 to 4, 2022 at a location to be determined based on location of selected participants.
Planting any new ministry is a creative, entrepreneurial endeavor needing the investment of many. Every Fall, with the help of the Ministry Incubators team, we provide a “2.5-day accelerator experience” called the Hatchathon to move a project from idea to launch. Following the Hatchathon, we supply each project with 12 months of monthly coaching and four innovator cohort meetings. Because every project should plan that not everything will go according to plan, we invite the Fall Hatchathon participants back to a Spring 2-day Pivot Retreat to tune-up projects and focus on sustainability.
We invite 12 teams (of 2 to 4 people) each year to attend generally free of charge (except for some incidental costs) to the Hatchathon in August and the Pivot Retreat in April. Teams planting emerging faith communities receive priority, but the Hatchathon is open to any group interested in starting a fresh expression or another new ministry within their established congregation. If we have interest in more than 12 teams interested, extra teams may participate at a significantly reduced cost.
If you have a team interested in participating in the Hatchathon, please go to this form to sign up. Superintendent Jeff Rainwater will contact you about a meeting to discuss your team’s idea.

Hatchathon Interest Form