Spanish Immersion Trip to Cuernavaca, Morales, Mexico

May 26, 2022

CILAC Freire offers two weeks of Spanish Immersion for everyone regardless of fluency (or non-fluency). During the two weeks we will learn the Spanish language and engage in progressive cultural Charlas (chats) as well as visit museums. Each of us has a language test prior to our arrival in order to place us in the proper class. There are beginning classes to advanced classes. Each class is limited to 5 students - so register soon!

The instruction is customized to the learners' needs and interest, and rooted in the Paulo Freire methodology, what is applied to the teaching of Spanish as a second language. Students contribute their insights and ask the questions necessary for critical analysis. We offer small, intensive classes at all levels, year-round, in a friendly and relaxed community atmosphere, as well as several Special Programs every year focused on a particular issue or area of interest, which often include travel in the region.

The cost of the program is around $1750 plus airfare. That includes tuition, some costs for museums, and lodging with your homestay. 

Please contact Denise Bender for registration information. Registration is now open.