Circuit Spotlight: Life Together

August 03, 2022

    Mountain Sky Circuits seek to increase joy, foster connection, and generate trust through intentional small groups that meet across the conference. The Life Together Circuit is one Circuit that is fostering connection among its members. Circuit Leader Betty Nguyen offers us the following story of this connection in action:

    “Acting as a gathering of clergywomen, the Life Together Circuit has given participants a space to laugh and cry together. Connection with fellow participants has taken place as we have been and continue to learn about each other as clergywomen and as members of our families and the community. We have been joyously surprised to learn of each other's interests and hobbies! We are blessed to know that within this circuit, we have a safe and brave space to share our ministry challenges and offer one another support. Because this is a virtual circuit, we are able to connect across the miles. So that is a blessing!” 

We all seek connection and a place where we can belong. That’s why we want you to connect with us, and find where you plug in! Circuit registration is still open through the month of August. Be sure to visit our Circuits database at to find a Circuit to plug into. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to our Conference Circuit Host at, or click here to fill out our Circuit Interest Survey and we’ll work with you to start a Circuit or find what you’re looking for.