With Gratitude to the Native American Committee of First UMC of Sheridan, WY

August 04, 2022
In partnership with the Archives and History Committee of the Mountain Sky Conference, the History team of the MSC's Racial Justice Movement and Ministries Task Force was proud to present the Native American Committee of First UMC of Sheridan, Wyoming the first award of what will become an annual call for historical submissions at the 2022 Annual Conference in Helena, MT. 

We encourage you to access the video submission HERE. A transcript of the video can be located HERE.
This annual call for historical submissions asks for particular, local history as it pertains to the narrative of white supremacy and racism in the United Methodist Church of the Mountain Sky Annual Conference. The award for the winning submission, determined by adjudication from the history team and historians is $500 and publication in the Annual Conference Journal as well as an opportunity to present the submission in person at the Annual Conference meeting. The runner up will win $250. 
The history team believes strongly that racism and white supremacy has a specific and local narrative. Without us knowing that particular story, we will always fall short as we seek to be prophetic in speaking out against white supremacy, and as we seek to engage in acts of repentance and reparations.
We hope you might consider submitting the histories from your own local contexts to this effort. If you are a student researcher, we want to encourage your research wherever you might be. Consider that you might be able to help a church small in number but with a large archives to tell their story! In every church archive is a story waiting to be unearthed. Annual Conference journals from the past documenting the parallel stories of Legacy Yellowstone and Legacy Rocky Mountain Annual Conference also contain missing and untold stories of racism and white supremacy in our church—stories that either explain our short comings or explain the courageous witness of our Church in striving against it. We need your help in bringing these stories to light!

To learn more about this call for historical submissions, please visit HERE