Circuit Spotlight: Western Colorado Lay Leaders Circuit

March 22, 2023
The Western Colorado Lay Leaders Circuit is one of the newest Circuits to emerge in the Mountain Sky Conference. Led by Debbie Peterson, the Western Colorado Lay Leaders Circuit began in January of 2023 to offer laity in Western Colorado a chance to connect for peer support, encouragement, and to help share information happening around the district. Ginny Bultman, one of the Circuit members, shared that “Having this group to share ideas with, to commiserate with, to be a part of this bigger picture– we’re just a little snapshot of this bigger picture– I feel now that we have that snap shot. I really feel like I’m part of the bigger picture.”

Circuits help create connection and community where all can belong across the Conference. Do you have an idea for a Circuit that can help provide a snapshot into the bigger picture of the MSC? Visit to learn how to start a Circuit, or email Court at Together, we can increase joy, foster connection, and generate trust all throughout Mountain Sky. Connect with a MSC Circuit, and find where you plug in!