May 11, 2023
We are announcing the opening of applications for A Table For All Financial and Ministry Support for congregations and post-disaffiliation groups wishing to remain United Methodist and a part of the Mountain Sky Conference.
While many in our world seek to divide and separate, in the Mountain Sky Conference, we are working to unify—building A Table For All of God’s children throughout rural, suburban, and urban communities. Six churches begin their participation in A Table For All this month. Apply to be a part of the second cohort beginning in summer 2023  (English application or Spanish application). Applications are due June 7, 2022.
What is A Table For All support? The beginnings were first conceived shortly after General Conference 2019, when conference leaders recognized there would be a need to support remnant groups and churches experiencing loss due to disaffiliation decisions while wishing to remain a part of the Mountain Sky. And then, in March 2020, the pandemic struck – a traumatic and discontinuous change for all congregations in and of itself. In response, A Table For All has become a support system to help our Mountain Sky congregations navigate these challenging times of discontinuous change and sudden, traumatic loss toward a more hopeful future of vitality. The plan is to provide financial aid and ministry support to congregations most in need and capable of using the change experienced as a catalyst for transformation and growth. More details can be found in the application document or online at