Sixteen Receive Certified Renewalist Credential

August 04, 2023
[Casper, Wyoming], [August 4, 2023] – News release content.
On August 1, 2023, sixteen church leaders were awarded a Certificate of Congregational Renewal, and earned the credential of Certified Renewalist through Creating a Culture of Renewal®. This is the third year this credential has been awarded, bringing the total to fifty.
Certified Renewalists have successfully completed a rigorous three-year leadership empowerment and spiritual formation process that accelerates vitality and interrupts church decline, while empowering congregations to shift their culture from one of relauctance and resistance to one of renewal.
To receive the Certificate of Congregational Renewal and be designated a Certified Renewalist, a church leader must demonstrate their mastery of three content areas: Congregational Intelligence, Leadership Smarts, and Culture Shifting. The program requires participation in annual opening and closing retreats, monthly webinars, monthly mentoring sessions, mentoring other church leaders as well as leading their congregations in a visioning process that results in the church successfully meeting a deep need in their community. Those receiving the credential have also presented a Portfolio showing their personal and congregational growth.
“Receiving the Certificate of Congregational Renewal and being credentialed as a Certified Renewalist is no small feat,” said Rev. Rebekah Simon-Peter, founder of Creating a Culture of Renewal and Elder from Mountain Sky AC in Extention Ministry. “These Certified Renewalists are courageous and pro-active. They’ve proven their ability to shift the culture of their ministry settings, improve the spiritual, missional, and financial well-being of their congregations, and create and execute a vision, inspired by God, that impacts their communities in profound ways.”
The sixteen include: Rev. Becca Girrell, Rev. Dr. Charlotte Pridgen-Radolph, Courtney Stotler, Rev. Drew Willson, Rev. Heather Bailes Baker, Rev. Heidi Bak, Rev. Jeff Jaekley, Rev. Jenn Lovallo, Rev. Jess Horsley, Rev. Kevin Shelton, Rev. Kim Shirar, Martha Crise, Mary Kunce, Rich Hughen, Sandie Price, Rev. Dr. D. Scott Wright.
The Certificate of Congregational Renewal is gaining visibility as Certified Renewalists are increasingly sought by Bishops’ cabinets and other appointment-making bodies.
For those interested in receiving their Certificate of Congregational Renewal and being credentialed as a Certified Renewalist, information can be found at or by emailing
Creating a Culture of Renewal, founded by the Rev. Rebekah Simon-Peter in 2011, is an award-winning program with a proven track record. She and her team have worked with thousands of pastors, laity and denominational executives from a variety of denominations across the United States and Canada.