Circuit Spotlight: Answering your FAQs

September 26, 2023
Ever since the we rewired our Circuits back in 2021, the most common question I hear is, "do any of our Circuits meet in person?" And the answer is, YES! We have a number of Circuits that meet in person or in a hybrid way. One of these Circuits is the Methodist Meet-Up Circuit in the Flathead Valley of Montana. This Circuit gathers clergy and laity in the Flathead Valley once a month to talk intentionally about what it means to follow Jesus with one another and with their neighbors. Gathering Around the Table is another Circuit for clergy that meets in person. Led by Rev. Genevieve Rohret-Navin, this Circuit meets once a month in the Denver area at varying restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, and homes. Gathering Around the Table is a Circuit centered on conversation and fellowship for clergy in the Denver area. Are you looking to connect with clergy or laity in your area through a Circuit? Visit our Circuit Database here, or reach out via email ( to learn how to start a Circuit of your own!