The Most Viral Article on Clergy Burnout: Reverend Alexander Lang

October 12, 2023
Do you remember that viral post about pastoral ministry? In a recent episode of the Future Christian Podcast, the author of that piece, Rev. Alexander Lang joined the show to talk about what led up to that post and what he has experienced since. Martha Tatarnic hosted the conversation, and they discussed Lang's background and key points from his article. Some key talking points include:

The Emotional Toll of Pastoral Life: They delved into the emotional challenges of being a pastor. Reverend Lang opened up about the burden of carrying others' traumas and the relief he felt during a sabbatical from these responsibilities. It was a raw and honest conversation that many pastors can relate to.

The Challenges of a Large Church: Reverend Lang reflected on his experience leading a large church, discussing the financial pressures and the focus on maintaining the system rather than fulfilling the mission of making disciples. It was a thought-provoking discussion on the current state of the church.

Grace and Regret in Ministry: Reverend Lang shared his journey of leaving the church, balancing grace and regret. He revealed his current project of building a tech business aimed at fostering better relationships, a testament to his faith driving him towards his next step.

The Church's Search for Identity: Reverend Lang believes the church is currently searching for its soul, having lost sight of what truly matters. His hope for the future is that the church can embrace God's unconditional love and return to the work of the gospel.

To listen to the full episode for a deeper understanding of these topics. Find Future Christian on your favorite podcast platform or listen here.

(Loren Richmond Jr. is a DOC(CC) ordained pastor serving Washington Park UMC as Associate Pastor/Youth Director, working bi-vocationally also in affordable housing. He is the host of the Future Christian Podcast.