Stolen Christmas tree becomes symbol of hope for family affected by flood

January 27, 2015

Luciano family receives Christmas tree through UMCORUMCOR Case Manager Melinda Ciricillo is an integral part in making one family’s Christmas a little brighter this year. Andrea Luciano and her family, consisting of her mother and four children, lost everything they had in the September 2013 Colorado flood. As the Luciano family case manager through Weld Recovers, Melinda has been helping the family recover from the disaster.

One thing the family did not have, and that the children wanted more than anything this holiday season, is a Christmas tree. Coincidentally, a tree became available in a very uncommon way.

A Christmas tree was stolen from Stuft Burger, a burger bar in downtown Greeley, which is across the street from the Weld Recovers office. Stuft Burger bought a new tree to replace the stolen one, and once the stolen tree was recovered from the thieves by the Greeley police, Stuft Burger wanted to find a new home for the stolen Christmas tree.

In a matter of minutes, Stuft Burger contacted the United Way and they contacted Melinda in the Weld Recovers office. They asked Melinda if she could think of any of her clients who was a family in need and would appreciate a tree. She immediately thought of the perfect family: the Luciano family. The Luciano family is very appreciative and thankful for the tree. They are also thankful for their case manager, Melinda. Without her, there wouldn’t be much to celebrate this Christmas.

Read a full story about the stolen Christmas tree in The Greeley Tribune.

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