Missionary covenants provide dynamic, global relationships

December 15, 2014

United Methodist missionaries are supported by 41 covenants in Rocky Mountain Conference. A covenant is a dynamic relationship where the church and the missionary pray for each other and communicate regularly. Churches choose a specific missionary to support with funding from $5-per-member-per-year for small churches or $2,500 for large membership churches. There are more than 300 United Methodist missionaries serving in the United States and 60 countries.

What does covenanting mean to the local church? When a church engages in a covenant with a missionary, the congregation begins to look beyond their own church to make a positive difference in the lives of persons whom they may never meet. Every three years, when possible, missionaries visit their supporting churches to inform and update about their ministries.

What does having covenant relationships mean to the Rocky Mountain Conference? Having a global perspective creates an awareness of needs beyond the local community and helps ensure that awareness is addressed in conference programming, education and funding. Additional churches are invited to participate in the support of our United Methodist missionaries. For further information, please contact Joanie Calhoun at 303-955-1185 or email jimnjo30@comcast.net. More information about missionaries and giving to the Advance can be found at umcmission.org. (Photos are used with permission by Global Ministries.)

View a list of churches and their covenants

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GBGM Missionary Dr. Albert WillicorThe January 2015 Missionary Focus: Dr. Albert G. Willicor

Dr. Albert G. Willicor, missionary with the Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church through GBGM Global Health, is Chief Medical Officer at Ganta United Methodist Hospital in Ganta, Liberia, of the Liberia Annual Conference.

Dr. Willicor is native to Liberia where he received his elementary, junior high and high school education. He was valedictorian of his senior class and was awarded two scholarships to the University of Liberia where he studied engineering and pre-med. In 1983 he received his Medical Doctor degree from the A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine in Monrovia, Liberia.

The three Rocky Mountain Conference churches in covenant with Dr. Willicor are Littleton UMC, Erie UMC and Thomasville Community UMC. To view Dr. Willicor's full biography and support him with a donation, click here.

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The February 2015 Missionary Focus: Carol Partridge

GBGM Missionary Carol PartridgeCarol Partridge is a missionary of the Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church assigned to the United Methodist Church of Macedonia as Director of Christian Education. Partridge first went to Macedonia as a Peace Corps Volunteer and served from 1997-99. She returned to Macedonia as a missionary early in 2000.

Partridge works with all thirteen of the UM congregations in Macedonia, especially with children, youth and women. Her responsibilities include development of Sunday school materials in the Macedonian language; training Sunday school teachers and youth group leaders; teaching Bible classes and English classes and organizing summer programs, including Vacation Bible School and multiethnic youth camp.

The Rocky Mountain Conference churches in covenant with Partridge are Steamboat Springs UMC, Estes Park UMC, Central UMC Colorado Springs, Green Mountain UMW of Lakewood and Trinity UMC Denver. To view Partridge's full biography and support her with a donation, click here.

Photos from Carol Partridge's April 2015 trip through the Rocky Mountain Conference (thanks to Steamboat Springs UMC, Rinn UMC, Estes Park UMC and Trinity UMC Denver):

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Missionary Jeremais FrancaThe March 2015 Missionary Focus: Jeremais França

Jeremias França, a missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church, is serving through the Global Health Program as Administrator of Chicuque Rural Hospital in his home country of Mozambique.

When called to serve at Chicuque Rural Hospital several years ago he realized that God was commanding him to serve the church in Mozambique using his imagination, talents and creativity to take health services to the under-served communities. From this realization The Center of Hope has evolved through Chicuque Hospital. The center's objective is to offer health education and services to communities by teaming up with those communities in education for the prevention of HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis and malaria.

França will be speaking at Community United Methodist Church in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, on May 3 as the church has been supporting Chicuque Rural Hospital in Mozambique for more than 20 years. To view França's full biography and support him with a donation, click here.

The April 2015 Missionary Focus: Ken Koome

Missionary Ken KoomeKenneth Koome Nkando is a missionary of the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church assigned as the mission financial officer in the East Angola Annual Conference in Africa. As financial officer, he is responsible for the delivery of mission funds to The United Methodist Church and its projects in East Angola, the keeping of accurate records, and providing support services to visiting Volunteer-In-Mission teams, church partners, and conference mission agencies.

Koome has been in Angola for more than a year rebuilding ministries and facilities after Angola's long civil war. In Angola, the roads are rough and he has to walk or use a bus to oversee the projects. Koome needs a truck to haul building materials, transport visiting mission teams, and help transport pastors serving very remote churches.

The Rocky Mountain and Yellowstone conferences are teaming up to buy a truck for Ken. The Rocky Mountain Conference has committed to raise $12,000. Help Ken and make your checks to Advance #00339A and send to the Rocky Mountain Conference, 6110 Greenwood Plaza Blvd., Greenwood Village, CO 80111. To view Koome's full biography and further support him with a donation, click here.

UMC Missionary Alina SaucedoThe May 2015 Missionary Focus: Alina Saucedo

Alina Saucedo is a missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church serving as advisor on institutional and community development of the Women and Community Association of San Francisco Libre, Nicaragua. The 19-year-old San Francisco Libre ministry prepares women and youth leaders to transform their lives and those of their families and communities.

Alina was formerly the Global Ministries mission finance auditor for Central America and parts of South America and the Caribbean, based in Costa Rica. Still earlier, she worked in mission finance in Bolivia, after having been commissioned in 2007. Alina and her husband Michael Keyse were married in July 2009.

The Rocky Mountain Conference Board of Global Ministries and Longs Peak UMC are in covenant with Saucedo. To view her full biography and support her with a donation, click here.

Click to read Alina Saucedo's March 2015 newsletter.


The June 2015 Missionary Focus: Nan McCurdy and Miguel Mairena

Nan McCurdyNan McCurdy is a United Methodist missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries. She and her missionary husband, Miguel Mairena, are serving as Mission Advocates for the Western Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church.

Mission Advocates are active missionaries assigned to help annual conferences, districts, and local churches in the United States to understand and participate in global mission. Their work has a particular focus on mission personnel, including support of missionaries through the Advance.

Nan served the people of Nicaragua as a missionary from 1985 to 2014. She and Miguel most recently worked for some 15 years with youth and children through the Women and Community Association in San Francisco Libre. To view her full biography and support her with a donation, click here.

Miguel MairenaMiguel graduated from law school in December 2008 and finished a master’s degree in criminal law in 2011. In Nicaragua he provided legal counsel to women dealing with situations of (physical, psychological, and economic) violence. He also counseled men about reproductive responsibility and to prevent violence against women. To view his full biography and support him with a donation, click here.

Miguel and Nan have an international and blended family that includes three daughters and three sons currently in four countries. They are members of the Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference.



The July 2015 Missionary Focus: Donna Chaat Pewo

Missionary Donna PewoDonna Chaat Pewo is missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church, serving as a Church and Community Worker at the Clinton and El Reno Church and Community Ministry of the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference (OIMC).

The Clinton/El Reno ministry, a priority of the OIMC, primarily serves children of the Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes in a rural area west of Oklahoma City. It includes worship, tutoring, and recreation. The ministry was launched when a former lay missioner saw the call for a church to respond to the needs of area children, many of them poor, surrounded by substance abuse, and having problems in school. It began with a very small group and had increased to 35 in 2011.

The Rocky Mountain Conference churches in covenant with Pewo are First UMC Loveland, Colorado, Good Shepherd UMC in Security, Colorado, and St. Luke's UMC in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

To view her full biography and support her with a donation, click here.

UMC Missionaries MeforsThe August 2015 Missionary Focus: Dr. Emmanuel and Florence Mefor

Dr. Emmanuel Ufonna Mefor, a medical doctor, is a missionary with the Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church currently assigned to Mutambara, Zimbabwe. Emmanuel is married to Florence O. Mefor, who is also a GBGM missionary serving in Mutambara. They have three children: Chukwuebuka, Osita, and Anulika. Natives of Nigeria, the Mefors feel that God has called them to the ministry of saving lives, improving the eyesight of patients, and reducing the high rate of infant mortality.

The Rocky Mountain Conference churches in covenant with the Mefors are North Park Community Church, Hotchkiss Methodist Community Church, Debeque Community UMC, Grand Valley UMC, First UMC Loveland, and Smoky Hill UMC in Centennial, Colorado.

The Mefors will be discussing their ministry at their covenant churches during their itineration from Oct. 8 to 20. For more information, contact Joanie Calhoun at jimnjo30@comcast.net or 303-955-1185.

To view their full biography and support them with a donation, click here.