Remember Sand Creek Massacre during Nov. 30 worship

November 03, 2014

On Nov. 29, 1864, more than 160 Cheyenne and Arapaho women, children, and elderly men were slain by 700 U.S. troops of the Colorado regiment led by Col. John Chivington, a Methodist minister.

Every Mountain Sky Area congregation is encouraged to remember this tragic event during worship Nov. 30 with 150 seconds of silence and other liturgical acts, including Holy Communion. All are invited to the 16th Annual Sand Creek Spiritual Healing Run & Walk and to the gathering at the State Capitol on Dec. 3. Go to to learn details of all public events in anticipation of the sesquicentennial anniversary.

For sermon notes, illustrations and reflections on the Psalter lection for Nov. 30 for "Fed with the Bread of Tears," click here. These resources were put together by Dr. Michael Dent, of Trinity UMC Denver, a congregation which has direct ties to the Sand Creek Massacre.