2022 Tug-o-Love

May 10, 2022

Live and in-person, Tug-o-Love returns to the 2022 Annual Conference Session in Helena, Montana. On Thursday, June 16, we celebrate Mission Day! Our day will include an immersion activity, plus displays on the many mission outreach programs of the Mountain Sky Conference.

The culminating event of the day at approximately 6 p.m., will be the Tug-o-Love. Begin recruiting your team members now. Your team may want to get on the training bandwagon … increase your core strength, take up weightlifting, or whatever you think will help pull your team over the top! Don’t have a team? Sign up and we’ll put you with one!

Tug-o-Love happens after a full day of mission outreach. There will be real people to talk to about your church’s engagement in mission and the great possibilities available. Your church could sponsor a missionary, support planting seeds in Angola, or contribute to paying pastors there as well. Find out how to engage in local disaster recovery, local volunteer in mission projects and so much more. 

Would you like to be a team captain? Would you like to join a team? Or do you have other questions? Contact the Tug-o-Love Team at youngpeople@mtnskyumc.org.