Youth Gather in Cheyenne for Annual Leadership Conference

February 09, 2017
Story and photo submitted by Andy Millman
Young People's Ministry Developer & Mission & Ministry Projects Coordinator

From January 27-29, around 100 young people from across the Rocky Mountain Conference came together in Cheyenne, WY for YLC, the annual leadership conference and legislative meeting for young United Methodists across the region. Throughout the weekend, participants listened to keynote presentations from Rev. Jeremy Scott about what it means to embrace unity without demanding uniformity and how we can view diversity as a strength and were able to experience hands-on leadership workshops lead by their peers.

During the legislative session, young leaders presiding over the CCYM election process got a firsthand experience of how challenging it can be to organize their peers and preside over a meeting with Robert’s Rules. Although things took a bit longer than planned, the work of the conference was completed and the youth were even able to unanimously support a resolution that will be presented before Annual Conference in June.

“"With recent events that have occurred in 2016, including but not limited to: the presidential election, talk of church schism, and debate regarding gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and religious beliefs, we have decided to propose a statement of unity and acceptance. Although we all have many differences and often do not share the same opinions, we find it important to stand united as United Methodists. As John Wesley asked the early Methodists, “Though we cannot think alike, may we not love alike? May we not be of one heart, though we are not of one opinion?”

[Therefore] we, the youth of the Rocky Mountain Conference, propose the adoption of the following statement for the Youth Leadership Conference of 2017:

“We, as youth of the Rocky Mountain Conference, strive to stand united and welcoming to all, regardless of the social, political, and theological differences within our society.”"

Overall, the event was a huge success and we look forward to seeing how the young people of the Rocky Mountain Conference will continue pushing us towards community and justice.