A Collection of Choirs, Songs of Hope concert benefiting Agape Safe Haven in Longmont, CO

February 06, 2020
Several United Methodist congregations are again coming together to support Longmont's only sober Christian homeless ministry: Agape Safe Haven.  The event is called: A Collection of Choirs...Songs of Hope.

Choirs from several United Methodist churches in Boulder County including Erie, Niwot, Rinn, and Heart of Longmont United Methodist churches are bringing their talents for an incredible night of music at the Heart of Longmont on Saturday, February 29th beginning at 7 p.m.   

This year's concert will also feature the Gospel Expressions Choir as well as the Longmont Jazz All-Stars.  All of the choirs will come together at the end of the performance to sing together as one large "super choir".  The finale piece will also include the Longmont Jazz All-Stars- who have recorded 5 CDs and travel throughout the Front Range and beyond showcasing their amazing musical talents!

Agape Safe Haven operates as an overnight winter shelter for homeless adults in Longmont, Colorado.  Safe Haven is not part of a single church but operates as a faith-based organization.  It is supported by many Christian churches in Boulder County. 

Safe Haven's Mission is as follows: 

As a member of the Longmont body of Christ, as an expression of our faith, Agape Longmont serves our neighbors with shelter, food, jobs, and encouragement in the name of Jesus.

Guests are required to fill out an extensive application and submit to a lengthy interview process.  Guests are selected based on the following criteria: making a concerted effort to become self-sufficient, peaceful by nature, committed to sobriety, emotionally or physically vulnerable at a "traditional" warming center, and they must be helpful.  When a guest enters Safe Haven they have a guaranteed bed from November 1st to May 1st.  

Safe Haven provides a day shelter for the guests where they can store their belongings, have access to the internet, wash their clothing, take showers, and are able to use our large kitchen to prepare meals.  Most importantly, the day shelter gives our guests an opportunity to fellowship together as well as take part in weekly Bible Studies, Celebrate Recovery meetings, and as a meeting place for weekly session with our counselor we have on staff.  

The suggested donation is only $10/ticket.  All proceeds benefit Agape Safe Haven.  For more information about this incredible ministry visit: www.agapelongmont.org