A Message From Conference Disaster Response Coordinator Mike Moore

January 14, 2022
A message from Mike Moore, Mountain Sky Conference Disaster Response Coordinator

On Thursday, December 30, 2021, a wildfire raced through parts of our conference, destroying homes and livelihoods. In the cities of Louisville and Superior as well as areas of Boulder County Colorado over 1,000 homes were destroyed. We grieve with those who have lost so much, who now must pick up the pieces of their lives and begin again.

We give thanks for the ways United Methodists in the area stepped in to provide shelter and support in the midst of the crisis. In less than two weeks since this disaster, our Conference has provided disaster supplies, emotional and spiritual care support and cash donations for the survivors.  This is at the heart of who we are as United Methodists: we know our faith is meant to be lived out in acts of compassion and mercy.

As a connectional church, we also embody a very basic understanding: we are one body, and when one member of the body suffers, we all suffer. We are called to relieve suffering and care for one another so the entire body can be whole. 
But this is just the very beginning of the process, the survivors face months if not years of recovery.  Please keep these people in your prayers and consider donating to help those in need.