An Invitation to a Hatchathon

June 17, 2021

Right now, more than ever, our church needs innovators and innovative ideas. Do you agree? Are you creative and have a desire to make a difference in your church, community, and our world? Do you have a ministry idea or an interest in launching an emerging faith community? I want to talk to you about the possibility of attending this year’s Mountain Sky Hatchathon -- an important catalytic event that can help clarify and launch your innovative ideas into new ministries, or even an emerging faith community!

So, what is a Hatchathon?

“The Hatchathon gives space, time, and the right conditions to move your idea from concept to launch. This 2.5 day event is recommended for people who are still clarifying their idea for an impact enterprise, or who want to learn the basics for getting an entrepreneurial ministry off the ground. Participants will create prototypes of basic framing documents, develop an initial pitch deck, and practice communicating their ideas to others.” - Ministry Incubators (

We are partnering with and being supported by Ministry Incubators in this event and ongoing work to support both emerging faith communities and new ministries within established faith communities. (for more information, please visit their website:

The Hatchathon is not just a one-and-done event. Instead, it is the beginning of a year-long process of supporting your idea for ministry that will include monthly coaching with one of the Ministry Incubators staff and quarterly cohort calls with the other Hatchathon participants.

Worried your idea is not ready for prime time? That’s what this event is for. We want to invest in YOU -- whether you have no clue, a bit of an idea, or you just need some help moving your idea to launch and sustainability, I believe this event will help you go to the next level. 

Let’s talk details:

When?      August 24-26, 2021

Where?     Front-range CO (exact location TBD)

Cost?         Minimal. Any fun things you want to do. Mountain Sky Conference is providing  lodging, food, and travel support. If you can offer some continuing ed, that would be welcomed, but this is our investment in you.

Interested? Go to this link and fill out this inquiry form. Dawn Lemons or I will be in touch to schedule a conversation. And we will see where to go from there. We only have 12 slots so complete the form to reserve your conversation soon. Other questions? Feel free to reach out. Dawn or I will be glad to address any questions you have.


Rev. Jeff Rainwater
Superintendent of Congregational and Community Vitality