Announcing Mission U 2017 Study Options

March 13, 2017
Submitted by James Gulley
General Board of Global Ministries 

Mission u may not yet be a household name, but you are invited to bring everyone in your household – father, mother, youth, children –  to grow in God’s call to us to be in mission, God’s mission. Mission u 2017 offers a choice of studies, lively worship and warm fellowship in one- or two-day Events. The goal of Mission u is “learning that transforms lives” – our lives and the lives of those whom we touch as we respond to God’s call to be in mission with our neighbors.
The three timely studies offered this year are:
Spiritual Growth:  Living as a Covenant Community
Covenants are found in the Bible from the moment God created man and woman until the last page of Revelation.  We will discover that covenantal living calls us to acts of mercy and justice with all.  As we grow to understand the divine covenants made by God with our ancestors, and thus with us, our faith and our lives will be transformed.
Geographic Study:  The Missionary Conferences of the United Methodist Church in the United States—Alaska United Methodist Conference, Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference, and Red Bird Missionary Conference
The history of the three UMC Missionary conferences in the US is a rich story.  It is also a story about class and race.  The aim of the study is to give an overview of these three conferences, the contexts out of which they grew and their current engagements.  What does the future look like for these conferences?
Social Issue Study:  Climate Justice:  Call to Hope and Action
This study is designed to deepen your understanding and awareness of climate change and its impact on God's creation.  It will offer us Biblical, theological, and ethical insight as a basis of our advocacy on climate justice in churches and in the public sphere.
Host churches:  St. Andrew United Methodist Church, Highlands Ranch, CO will host Mission u 2017 in a new 2-day format on Friday and Family Friendly Saturday (with activities for children and youth), July 21-22.  You will have a choice of two studies, one each day. From July 19 – October 7, 1-day Events will be held in six other districts where you will pick one of two studies being offered. You may find a schedule of all events, study descriptions, registration forms and online registration for selected events at 
Mission u 2017 is where we go to educate ourselves, connect to others growing in our faith community and be empowered by the Spirit of Christ to be transformed and become a more transforming presence in our communities, our state, our nation and God’s world. At Mission u we grow in understanding of the ways in which God has worked and is working through us to create Beloved Community here and now.