Anywhere Church

October 24, 2023
Downloadable content to create worship anywhere, from a church to a bar to a coffee shop to outdoors to a home and more!
Anywhere Church is a collection of downloadable digital worship resources, from recorded sermons to worship songs with some extras thrown in. Access to Anywhere Church is free for member churches of the Mountain Sky Conference -- it's included in your Mission Shares *.
While this resource is available to churches big and small, isolated and rural congregations are often at a disadvantage when it comes to providing a quality worship experience. Many faithful congregations invest a majority of their time, energy, and money in keeping worship alive which limits their ability to invest in other important ministries like mission and outreach. Anywhere Church provides a means for small, rural, and isolated churches to have access to a high-quality worship experience with a minimal investment of time and money.
  • NEW TO ANYWHERE CHURCH: search for sermons canonically (by Scripture, book and chapter) to assist in your planning
  • Preview songs and sermons before downloading
  • Worship songs include both MP3 audio and video files -- the videos include on-screen lyrics. Most songs are aligned with the United Methodist Hymnal, Faith We Sing, and Worship & Song.
  • Sermons on video feature clergy from all corners of the Mountain Sky Conference
  • Instrumental music for moments in worship when you just want some background music
  • Find content by liturgical days/seasons
If your church is not already signed up to utilize these free resources, head to and click “Register to Access Content.” While you’ll get near-instant access to all the files, your credentials will be manually verified.
For more information contact Dave Merkel:
*Please note: the resources from Anywhere Church are intended solely for MSC member churches and cannot be shared with other individuals, churches, or organizations. Because many of the songs are under copyright, please have a proper license from CCLI, OneLicense, and/or CCS in your church’s name.