When can we plan mission trips again?

April 12, 2021
"When can we plan mission trips again?"
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is still too soon to head out for a mission trip.
You may, however, plan and prepare until it is determined safe to travel again.  Here are some things you can do in advance. 

UMVIM Western Jurisdiction Coordinator Ronda Cordill shares these best practices which have been adapted for the Mountain Sky Conference:

  • Contact the Mountain Sky Conference UMVIM Coordinator at: umvim@mtnskyumc.org
  • Select an UMVIM trained team leader.  Train well in advance!
  • Think about building a small team for a future trip. 
  • Be prepared to comply with the Safe Sanctuaries/Gatherings policy. 
  • Research potential mission projects, specifically an UMVIM site/project. 
  • Go on a Virtual Mission Trip to build interest for a future trip.
  • Register your team with the Conference UMVIM Coordinator.
  • Know what insurance is required. The UMVIM Coordinator can guide you through this. 
  • Remember 'Why' we serve and keep God in the middle of the work.
   Other Covid-19 Best Practices for UMVIM Teams:
  • Keep your team size small, 5-10 persons is suggested.
  • Know and follow local guidelines from municipal, county, and state health authorities of the sites where you intend to serve as well as the guidelines where you reside.  For example, is testing required or the vaccination required? 
  • Vaccines are strongly recommended for everyone on the team.
  • When you register your team also have everyone on the team sign the team member liability form.  This states that the team member is responsible for any expenses that arise from contracting COVID or being required to quarantine due to their travel.
  • Consider whether you, someone in your household, or someone you will be serving are at an increased risk for getting very sick from COVID.
  • Follow these safety protocols:
    •  Hand washing often and/or using hand sanitizer.
    • Wearing a mask along with other PPE as required.
    • Sanitizing surfaces and equipment often.
    • Maintain physical distancing of 6 feet apart with no handshakes or hugs, and limited access to public areas.
  • Work with your site host to:
    • Find out if you need to bring your own PPE supplies
    •  What protocols the site is using if either a team member or client has tested positive to Covid and exposed others.
  • Have a plan for canceling the journey or sending team members home if any team members are uncomfortable with the enforcement of safety protocols.
  • At this time team members will be self-sufficient at most sites. They will travel and lodge individually. Members will either bring or purchase their own food separate from teammates.