Beulah United Methodist Church joins with community for new food pantry

March 06, 2018
Submitted by Skip Ladd
Lay Person, Beulah United Methodist Church, Beulah, CO

In February 2018, Beulah UMC joined with the people of Beulah, Colorado to open a community food pantry. A room in the church with an outside entrance was completely renovated and dedicated to the pantry, but the effort to stock and staff the pantry was community-wide. Donations of food and other items, money, and time were donated by all churches as well as various businesses and individuals throughout the Valley.

Excitement is high, but this is an experiment. The number of people who will use the pantry in this small, rural community is unknown, unlike some of the urban pantries. We know there is a need, but the extent will be determined in the coming months. Reverend Pricilla Hill of Beulah UMC lit the fire for this project in early 2017. Rev. Hill created a prayer discernment team from Beulah UMC to talk and pray about a path forward to live into the community. She then invited members of the community to join the church in discernment and provide their ideas on the needs of local people.

God is on the move creating partnerships and bringing neighbors together to serve one another. After a volunteer training and the grand opening, the pantry went operational on February 27. Please pray that God’s children in need will feel a level of comfort to come visit and take away nourishment and love!

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