Bishop Karen Oliveto's Weekly Message (9/9/23)

September 11, 2023
Below is Bishop Karen's weekly message to our conference:

I am praying for the laity and clergy of the Mountain Sky Conference as we prepare ourselves for Sunday worship.

Yesterday as I took a walk, I listened to a reflection on the app “Pray As You Go”. This is a great app to use while you are driving, heading into the office, or a taking a quick break. The segment I listened to instructed me to “Imagine God looking upon you with great love: ‘You are my Beloved, says the Lord, precious in my eyes.’ How does it feel to hear those words spoken to you? Take a moment to recognize how precious, important, and significant you are to the Lord. God delights in you.”

The day was already warmed by the sun, and as I listened to these words, I felt enveloped in God’s love, as warm and real as the sunshine against my skin. It made me stop and think about all the people in my life who have helped me know this truth of God’s love for me: family members, Sunday School teachers, friends, pastors, colleagues, strangers in the check-out line, the person sitting next to me on a flight…I give thanks for all these and so many more who, when I had forgotten my own significance and worth, helped me remember that God delights in me.

In the course of my ministry, my heart has been broken too many times when I have encountered people who never had someone tell them that God loves them with a love that will never let them go. They were never assured that they have a friend in Jesus. No one took the time to help them experience God’s love for them, that they are precious in God’s sight.

Who has helped you know you matter to God, and that you are loved by this wildly generous God? Give thanks for those precious souls!

And who are you helping to know God’s love? Every encounter is an opportunity—by your actions and words—to be a vessel of God’s love. May you be a wellspring of that love in all you do and say!