Board of Ordained Ministry seeks to help develop spiritual leaders

October 19, 2016
Submitted by the Rev. Cathie Kelsey
Chair of the Rocky Mountain Conference Board of Ordained Ministry

In preparation for discussion at its Oct. 11 meeting, the Rocky Mountain Conference Board of Ordained Ministry read Thomas Bandy's newest book, Spiritual Leadership: Why Leaders Lead and Who Seekers Follow (Abingdon Press, 2016).

The Board of Ordained Ministry (BOM) is thinking about the various kinds of spiritual leaders. Different people long for more than one kind of spiritual leader as they seek to experience God's blessing and to live into beloved community. Some of the kinds of spiritual leaders are plentiful among our clergy and laity, and other kinds may not fit well with our organizational expectations.

BOM wants to help the annual conference serve people in many different lifestyles, particularly those who are not part of faith communities right now. It starts by noticing the range of spiritual leadership needed to serve existing congregations. Then it is thinking about how much the conference is able to extend its range beyond care-giving, enabling, and programmatic types of leaders to reach people who seek one of the other five kinds of spiritual leaders.

Clergy and laity in the annual conference are invited to also read Bandy's book. After you have read the book, feel free to talk with any member of BOM or to email the chair with your thoughts: Cathie Kelsey, Dean of the Chapel at Iliff School of Theology, can be emailed at