Bowen Community United Methodist Church celebrates 110 years

November 21, 2018
Submitted by Jerry Clare
Co-lay Leader, Trinity District
Mountain Sky Conference of The United Methodist Church

On Nov. 11, Bowen Community United Methodist Church celebrated its 110th year of serving the rural farming community of Monte Vista, Colorado. The anniversary celebration was in conjunction with the Harvest Home celebration and Veterans Day. 

The day began with an 11 a.m. service honoring church members and veterans of both the church and nationwide. Pastor Steve Dunkel and liturgist Gene Farish, both dressed in their military uniforms, were special guests and service leaders. 

The colors were presented and posted at the beginning of the service. The congregation sang several patriotic songs, while the choir sang a harvest song with the message "I want to serve." There was also a special reading by Donna Andrews, of a former member's diary. The passage detailed his time spent in the military during World War I.

The front of the church was decorated for the celebration's theme of Harvest Home and Veterans Day. Pictures of the church and families who call Bowen Community UMC home decorated the sanctuary. After the morning church service, a potluck meal was enjoyed in the fellowship hall. This time of fellowship gave service attendees time to visit and share memories. 

Bowen Community UMC serves a rural community shared with a large Amish population, who will at times join activities of the church.

During the business of our daily lives, it is important to take time to honor those who serve, the fellowship of the church, and the memories a community shares. For more information on Bowen Community UMC and their special service, please email