Bridge of Love Offering raises $16,201 for Ebola recovery

February 12, 2016
Story and photos submitted by Les Law
Rocky Mountain Conference Board of Global Ministries

The Rocky Mountain Conference Board of Global Ministries thanks the churches and individuals that contributed so generously to the Bridge of Love Offering at the 2015 Annual Conference in Estes Park. The offering was held open until September and the total collected was $16,201. The intent was to help the Sierra Leone United Methodist Conference recover from the Ebola crisis. The funds will help restore UMC schools and clinics and assist in the training of individual UMC health professionals. Below is a thank-you letter from Bishop Yambasu of the Sierra Leone Conference.

We are acknowledging receipt of the $16,000 from the Bridge of Love Offering raised by the Rocky Mountain Conference to help us in our ongoing efforts to provide a safe space for a healthy life for the people of Sierra Leone. We have already started using it to address some of our Post Ebola Response programs in two of our schools and one rural clinic.

Please be assured that a detailed report of the funds will be sent as soon as it is expended.

On behalf of the United Methodist Church in Sierra Leone, I thank our friends and partners in the Rocky Mountain Conference for their love for our ongoing ministries in Sierra Leone.

The new outbreak of Ebola in Northern Sierra Leone has come as a shock to many Sierra Leoneans. At least we can breathe a sigh of relief because there is now an infrastructure in place to address this new outbreak and prevent it from spreading across the country. Please continue to pray for us.

I am with you in prayers as you plan to bring a work team to Kabala in June. Please let me know as your plans develop.
Bishop Yambasu
Sierra Leone Conference