Center for Pastoral Effectiveness to celebrate 20 years in 2019

July 30, 2018

Submitted by the Rev. Bill Selby
Retired Pastor, Mountain Sky Conference of The United Methodist Church

The Center for Pastoral Effectiveness, a multi-track continuing education opportunity, will celebrate 20 years of operation in 2019. The Center is approaching 900 alumni currently enrolled or having completed Track l, over 100 for Track ll, and almost 40 for Track lll.

The Center was created to “maintain ministers in ministry” by utilizing family systems to empower leaders to address the natural anxious reactivity in a church system. Through the Center, clergy are less likely to sabotage their own leadership, and find joy in their calling. Each Center is a series of six three-day retreats over about 18 months, usually spanning three calendar years, and are worth 14 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

A couple of recent personal responses to our latest Facebook article include:

"Those retreats lead by Bill Selby were hands down the best retreat and ongoing continuing education experiences I had in 18 years of parish ministry. Jay Green, NE

"Proud to say, not only partook of tracks, invited Bill into three parishes to work his magic. To say Bill has effected my life, family and parishes, is a gross understatement. Thank you so very much for life." Judy Dye, NE

"I was in Track I at the Franciscan Center 9/99. Did Track II (twice!) and Track III. Best time I ever spent, for myself and for my ministry.  Phil Tarman, CO

To register or for more information, email Bill Selby at or visit the Center website at

Please note: Our Colorado Track l and ll will begin in Feb./March 2019 rather than previously scheduled Oct. dates. All Mountain Sky clergy are encouraged to attend the Clergy Order's Retreat Oct 16-18.

Centers for Pastoral Effectiveness Centers starting this summer/fall (Mountain Sky Conference-area events are in bold):

  • July 30-Aug. 1: Track l in Nashville, TN

  • Sept. 4-6: Track III in Colorado Springs, CO
  • Feb. 4-6: Track I in Denver, CO
  • Oct. 15-17: Track l in Concordia, KS
  • March 20-22: Track II in Colorado Springs, CO
  • Oct. 29-31: Track l in Ankeny, IA
  • Nov. 7-9: Track l in Phoenix, AZ