Christ United Methodist Church of Salt Lake City, Utah swaps lilies for baby formula this Easter

April 05, 2018
Submitted by the Rev. Rusty Butler
Pastor, Christ United Methodist Church, Salt Lake City, Utah

Christ United Methodist Church of Salt Lake City, Utah did something a little different this year for Easter.

Christ UMC typically donates money for Easter Lilies this time of year. However, the church decided to instead help a local food bank this Easter. Crossroads Urban Center, nestled in Salt Lake City just 15 minutes from Christ UMC,​​ has run one of the busiest Emergency Food Pantries in Utah as well as a charitable Thrift Store. The center has also organized Utahns in political advocacy groups to make broader change in the community. Christ UMC came together to purchase cans of infant formula for the center's food bank. 

The congregation responded in an incredible way. The church received 160 pounds of infant formula and an additional $800 in donations.

"It was a smashing success," says Christ UMC's pastor, Rusty Butler. 

Crossroads Urban Center is also one of the sites for the 2018 Joint Annual Conference Immersion Project focusing on education and advocacy in our local communitiesCrossroads is a multi-faith, community-based project that is in a covenant relationship with the United Methodist Women national office. In this Immersion Project, you will learn about Crossroads Urban Center’s work, focusing on our theme of housing, safety, and justice. Interactive information will be shared about family homelessness and discussions of how that might look in the various large and small communities of the Mountain Sky Area. You will learn how you can continue this education and advocacy in your own local community.

View Christ United Methodist Church's website here | Visit the Crossroads Urban Center website here | View more information on Immersion Projects here

Pictured: Shirley Hughes, Jeanmarie Shingleton, Sharon Balch, Tootsie, Vanitta Conrad, Rev. Bruce Kolasch.