Claudia Davis of St. Paul’s UMC in Helena, MT creates more than 60 masks

May 18, 2020
Claudia Davis of St. Paul’s UMC in Helena, MT was able to mix good-deed-doing and family bonding in the creation of over 60 masks. Claudia and her sister-in-law set up their workstations side by side in the basement sewing room and had a time of great bonding, laughing, and conversation while sewing masks to share with the community. And when she ran out of elastic and realized there was no elastic available to be purchased, her good friend Anita Turner (wife of retired pastor Terry Turner) came to the rescue and shared 6 yards of elastic. Those 6 yards of elastic became 12 yards when a resourceful Claudia cut it in half length-wise. St. Peter’s Health, Family Outreach, and family and friends were the beneficiaries of Claudia’s handiwork. Thank you, Claudia, for sharing the love with Helena, MT.