Conference Historical Society honors anniversaries

April 05, 2017
Annually, the Conference Historical Society/Commission on Archives and History honors those persons who are observing the fifty, forty, twenty-five and twenty year anniversaries of their ordination as Elder/Deacon/Consecration and Admitted Into Full Conference Membership.  To obtain as complete a listing as possible, if you are celebrating one of these anniversaries this year, (and your name is not already listed in the accompanying anniversary years) please contact Dr. Dick Vickery at 

FIFTY YEARS   (1967)
James William Cavender
James William Cosner
Lonnie Eakle
Edgar Clarkson Bigler III
Eugene Harvey Gall
James Henry Harris
David Kenneth Jager
Richard R. Lippincot
Jill Ashe (Diaconial)
Peter S. Freytag
Lucia Guzman
Delbert W. Hansen
Kimal L. James,
Leighton W. Mekeal
Ruth Pittenger (Diaconial)
Eloise Ruth Saltzgraver
Diaconal: Beverly Fest, Betty Kniss
Elders: David Burnett, Lynne Y. Coffman, Andrew Dunning, Betty France,
            Tracy Lynn Hausman, Frank Hoover, Linda Hoover, Thomas J. Janoski,
            David Lillie, Karen Johnson Lowe, Kay Palmer Maershm Donna Patterson,
            Alice Reimer-McKee, Priscilla Taylor, Claire Phillips Zilm
Deacons: Jill Ashe, Rita Basham, Laurie Bruce, Robert Carlisle, Judith Davis,
            Linda Cooper Gertenbach,  Jolain Graf, Marla Kauerz, Mary Etta Moore,
            Judith Owsley, Ruth Ellen Pittinger, Michael Ratliff, Helen Tyler, Dale Wood