Congregational Vitality funds available for new churches, faith communities

November 26, 2018
Submitted by Patti Agnew
Chairperson, Congregational Vitality Committee
Mountain Sky Conference of The United Methodist Church

The Congregational Vitality Committee has funds available for grants related to starting new churches and faith communities. The Mountain Sky Conference currently has 10 new churches in their first three years of development! We need to be starting new churches along with increasing the vitality of our current congregations.

If you have a vision for starting a new faith community which will connect with new people not currently in churches, let us know and we can help you develop that vision.

We currently have three grants available:
  1. Exploration Grant. This is a grant up to $5,000 for people wanting to explore and assess the feasibility of starting a new church or faith community. We accept these year-round. Download application
  2. Implementation Grant. This is for funding related to starting a new church or faith community. This application is due by Dec. 31, 2018. Download application
  3. Ongoing Funding Request. This is for those new churches who currently receive funding from us and want it to continue. These requests are due Dec. 31, 2018. Download application
Each of the above requires a District Superintendent Advisory Form to be completed. 

For further information or questions, contact Patti Agnew, the chairperson of the Congregational Vitality Committee at