Congregational Vitality grants available (deadline of Sept. 30, 2020)

August 31, 2020
Wow! What a weird, often painful, year this has been. Here’s some good news: It might’ve slipped your minds, but the Congregational Vitality Committee has some grants to help church vitality. We have two grant opportunities: our Vitality Resource Grant and our Vitality Innovation Grants.

The Resource Grants, matching up to $1,000, These matching grants, up to $1,000 apiece, are meant to assist ministry settings in knowing themselves and their communities well enough to envision and achieve truly effective ministry in their particular contexts. While there is no universal template outlining the “steps to success” in ministry, there are best practices and resources that can lead congregations away from futility and toward vitality.

The Innovation Grants, offered up to $5,000, target experiments, and entrepreneurial endeavors to spark new ministries with new people in new places. Applicants should have done their homework and have documentation (see Vitality Resource Grants, above) to show the viability of their project and its theological and missional grounding. These grants are most relevant to existing congregations and ministries seeking to enhance their standing as vital missional outposts in their communities.

The innovation grants usually have a deadline of July 31, 2020, but this year we will extend to Sept. 30, 2020. The resource grants can be submitted at any time. Even with the tight Mountain Sky budget this year, we have $10,000 in funds remaining to offer.

For more information and the application, please go to our webpage at or contact the Congregational & Community Vitality office at