Consider a Convenant Relationship with a Missionary

May 10, 2023

Primary among our objectives for Global Ministries is to enhance support for our missionaries. At a recent Western Jurisdiction event, all the CSGM's attending worked to select three missionaries to help support in their conference. More than 20 Mountain Sky Churches currently offer substantial missionary support for about dozen missionaries. This new effort is to add to those numbers and bring additional missionaries into the Mountain Sky Conference support fold. 

During the event the Mountain Sky Annual Conference volunteered to partner with missionaires Rev. Dr. Krista Givens, Rev. Natallia Manyeza, and Olga Gonzalez Santiago. Missionaries all have compelling stories that can be found on The Advance website at  ALL MISSIONARIES

By sponsoring a Global Mission (GBGM) missionary, a congregation reaps the rewards of having relationships around the world and sharing in extending God’s love and care in far-off locations. Missionaries are available to meet with sponsoring congregations via Zoom, video, or coming soon, itineration. You can meet many of them on the GBGM website. Learn about covenant relationships and review missionaries in service on the Global Ministries websites

We invite churches to consider a missionary covenant relationship and join more than 20 other Mountain Sky congregations already in a covenant relationship. Most common is support for Kutela Katembo and Ken Koume, missionaries serving in East Angola. Mountain Sky congregations are also supporting missionaries in places such as Zimbabwe, Macedonia, and Mexico.

This is an opportuity to begin some wonderful partnerships that grow the witness of God’s mission in the Mountain Sky Conference. Whether prayers, relationships, or monetary donations. All are important to a missionary who often feels isolated.