Continue to help United Methodist Commitee on Relief with disasters

January 11, 2016
Submitted by Robin Ball
Chair, Conference Board on Global Ministries

Does it seem like there is news of a natural disaster every day? From wildfires to floods, to snow, to earthquakes. In the United States and around the world. What can we do to help? Donate to United Methodist Committee On Relief (UMCOR):
  • International Disaster Response – Advance # 982450
  • U.S. Disaster Response – Advance # 901670
By donating to these funds, the UMCOR staff can use the funds as needed immediately when disasters occur. Be part of the response team!

When a natural or human-caused disaster strikes outside of the United States, UMCOR serves as the primary channel for United Methodist assistance. In the short-term, UMCOR steps in to ease human suffering. In the long-term, we work in accompaniment with local partners towards capacity building and Disaster Risk Reduction. In the aftermath of a disaster, UMCOR cooperates with local partners to help them develop their own response mechanisms. UMCOR helps equip partners, including United Methodist Church entities, in disaster response and disaster risk reduction.

When disaster strikes, it is local churches that provide the first response to their communities. This basic understanding—that disaster response is local—forms the foundation for UMCOR’s US disaster training and response.

When responding to a disaster in the United States, UMCOR provides the following four things:
  • Training. UMCOR trains teams of volunteers.
  • Financial Assistance. If the bishop of the affected conference contacts UMCOR, an emergency grant may be sent.
  • Expertise. UMCOR’s disaster-response experience and knowledge are made available to those in need.
  • Networking. Getting connected with NGOs, volunteers, experts, local government, and other organizations can help communities recover from disaster.