Creating a Green Team at Your Church

December 14, 2021

A look back at how far Creation Justice within the Mountain Sky Conference has journeyed 

Bishop Karen Oliveto approved the formation of a Creation Justice Task Force on Earth Day, April 24, 2021. The task force was charged with building a resource and community in the Mountain Sky Conference to support local churches and move us all forward to greater stewardship of our natural world. The team hopes to provide support for education and growth in our churches promoting best practices for corporate and individual life while promoting the best care of God’s creation on all levels. 

In the few months since the Creation Justice Task Force was created, they poured themselves into forming a collection of small working groups, each tasked with moving the vision forward and sharing it throughout the Mountain Sky Conference. The Local Church Engagement team has created a document of ideas that will help you and your church become engaged in creation care, both now and in the future. and consider ways in which we can all participate in caring for God's creation.

 To consider ways in which you and your church can all participate in caring for God’s creation, please click here to view the Creation Care Church Initiative and learn about ways you can start a green team at your church.

And please stay tuned for opportunities for your church to become “greener” in the new year. In 2022, grants will be given to local churches to help in energy efficiency and other green projects.

You are invited to explore the Creation Justice webpage to learn more about the work of the group. Feel free to reach out to the Creation Justice Team with any questions, ideas, or insights you might have at