CSRW advocates for #MeToo and introduces #ChurchToo

March 22, 2018
Submitted by the Rev. Annie Arnoldy
Chair, Commission on the Status and Role of Women

The Rocky Mountain Annual Conference Commission on the Status and Role of Women (CSRW) seeks to advocate for laity and clergy – especially women – in the areas of sexual harassment, equality in laity and clergy appointments in all ministry work, and reporting conference behavior in these areas. Our focus for the 2018 Annual Conference is to gather laity and clergy for a CSRW meal with the focus of #MeToo and #ChurchToo, providing insight into the movements and sharing stories with one another to empower the difficult work of exposing sexual harassment in the church.

Right now, we would like to hear from you! Please email Rev. Annie Arnoldy, chair of CSRW, at aarnoldy@gostandrew.com or Rev. Laura Rossbert, member of CSRW, at laurarossbert@gmail.com if you have a #MeToo story. We will hold all stories in confidence, and we will resource you with the national resources of the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women. One of their resources is www.umsexualethics.org