David Askey receives 2017 Francis Asbury Award

August 03, 2017
David Askey working at Pine Ridge Reservation
Submitted by Ross Loomis
Rocky Mountain Conference Board of Higher Education and Ministry

The Rocky Mountain Conference Francis Asbury recipient for 2017 is David Askey of Boulder, Colorado. The Francis Asbury Award is given by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) to recognize and encourage support of higher education and campus ministries within the United Methodist Church.
David Askey began his long-term involvement with campus ministry as a student member of the University of Colorado (CU) Wesley Foundation. After graduation, he has served on the Board of CU Wesley Foundation at different times, including serving as secretary. His service has also included financial leadership and participation in mission trips.  
He is a very faithful member of the Conference Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry (BHECM) serving the last few years as Vice Chair and meeting recorder. He also participated in campus ministry training provided in Nashville by the GBHEM. At present, he is helping the Board look for a common service mission across campus ministries consistent with Bishop Karen Oliveto’s theme of feeding the hungry and caring for others.
David was not able to attend the 2017 Annual Conference Session to receive his award because of educational and mission work at Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. This work includes planting trees on the reservation and preparing people, mostly Native Americans, from across the nation to have the knowledge to build Mobile Solar Power Stations (MSPS). These stations can provide power for a variety of needs wherever electricity is needed. After the training, planned for early July, participants can return home and, if needed, build a MSPS in their community. This work would also provide jobs. In the picture of David, solar panels are seen in the background and are part of a Mobile Solar Power Station. David is also contributing to an instruction manual for the training and setting up of a MSPS. This effort is so typical of David’s commitment to education and mission service.
Congratulations to David Askey and many thanks for his years of contributions to United Methodist campus ministry!