Delta UMC's Caretakers of God's Creation Team

May 10, 2023

By Carol Phelps

A year ago, Delta United Methodist Church created a ‘Green Team” which became known as the Caretakers of God’s Creation Team. We registered with the conference Creation Justice Task Force and signed the CCCI Covenant, using their checklist to begin planning. Our goal was to help educate and plan for ways to move toward creation justice. An energy audit of the church was done, the trustees have installed LED lighting throughout the church and recycling has been set up. The team collected denim that was sent in to be recycled into insulation. The elementary schools were enlisted to collect used crayons that were sent off to be recycled into new crayons. Drought resistance perennials were planted in the five outside planters. We served pizza for the congregational showing of the Youth V GOV.  The 10 Monthly tips from the United Methodist Creation Justice are often shared in the newsletter or bulletin. The Creation Justice Ministries 2023 Lent Resource was offered for daily reflection and our minister, Tom Hazelwood used Wendell Berry and the Sabbath Poetry of Lent as a study group. The Story of Stuff was shown during a fellowship hour.

For Earth Day 2023 and Native American Ministries Sunday, the litany from Seeds of Change was used and the congregation was reminded of the wisdom of the Native Americans for caring for our earth. During Fellowship Time following the service a ‘greening of the kitchen’ was done by removing all the Styrofoam and plastic stir rods from the kitchen and introducing cloth napkins. The Story of Plastic was shown. A table display was set up to show alternatives to plastic to buy. People had a chance to see the shampoo bar of soap, the laundry slips, the wool dryer balls, and the wraps that can be made from cloth and beeswax. A great discussion took place with everyone sharing and asking questions. As a follow up the team is having a sew day to make cloth napkins with the goal to present a set to each church family.

We as a church will continue to make choices that will bring us closer to creation justice for all.