Formation of the Creation Justice Task Force in the Mountain Sky Conference

May 16, 2021
On Earth Day, 2021, Bishop Karen Oliveto enthusiastically approved the formation of the Creation Justice Task Force in the Mountain Sky Conference.  With the signatures of over 110 clergy and laity, four dedicated organizers:  Rev. Sharon McCormick, Randy Moorman, Mary Beth Downing, and Mary Ann Tabor, requested… 

that the Mountain Sky Conference create, with staff support,  a Climate Justice Task Force, to serve as prophet and guide in this existential endeavor. The duties would include collaboration with other interfaith organizations as well as assisting local churches and the conference to express in tangible and spiritual ways, the following policies:
Educate and Support Local Church, Clergy, Staff, and Members to:
  • Expose and Mitigate Environmental Racism and Economic Inequalities
  • Follow Sustainable Policies and Practices 
  •      (church buildings, parsonages, and grounds)
  • Encourage Church Members to Adopt Sustainable Life Styles
  • Resist Expansion of Fossil Fuel Infrastructure
  • Work For Food Justice
  • Encourage Responsible Consumption
  • Care for all Creatures Through Habitat Protection
  • Affirm Science and Traditional Wisdom of Indigenous Communities 
  • Protect Space
  • Support Education for Girls and Family Planning
  • Participate in Environmentally Responsible Investing
  • Encourage Worship and Preaching That Inspires Climate Resilience
  • Support Local, State, and Federal Bodies In the Pursuit of Climate Justice”

At their first meeting on May 6, 2021, the organizers set an ambitious agenda and are looking for individuals throughout the Mountain Sky Conference to join this new initiative.  

If you are interested, contact the Task Force members at