Four conference ministries awarded Peace with Justice grants

February 21, 2018

Story submitted by the Rev. Karen Disney
Peace with Justice Grant Coordinator for the Yellowstone Conference
Photos courtesy Kathy Brus
First United Methodist Church, Buffalo, Wyoming

Photo of First UMC Buffalo, Wy's Bread of Life Food PantryHalf of the money given to the Peace with Justice Sunday, which will be observed on May 27, 2018, comes back to the Yellowstone Conference. This year, four Peace with Justice grants were awarded to various ministries in the conference, totaling $3,500. 

  • $1,000 to Flathead Circuit: In response to hateful rhetoric in our area, the Flathead Circuit is seeking Mission Fellows from the General Board of Global Ministries to live among us, engage our congregations in these conversations, and help create and implement plans of engaging our wider communities in these conversations seeking love and inclusion, while maintaining a peaceful presence.

  • $1,000 to Montana Interfaith Network: The Montana Interfaith Network (MIN) is the largest and fastest-growing progressive faith organization in Montana, with close to 200 members across many denominations and faith. This upcoming April, the Montana Interfaith Network will host its second annual meeting – an event that will bring together members throughout the state to strategize, connect, and grow the organization’s effectiveness.

  • $1,000 to First United Methodist Church of Buffalo, Wyoming: In Buffalo First UMC's small community, there are a wide range of socio-economic conditions and educational backgrounds. Some of the families don’t have appropriate reading material available for young children (or can’t afford books). In order to promote continuing education, encourage family bonding and reinforce the child’s self esteem, we propose to purchase story books for all the grade school children and present one to each student at the end of the school year.

  • $500 to First United Methodist Church of Buffalo, Wyoming: The Buffalo First UMC congregation is active in the support of the Bread of Life Food Pantry. The pantry serves 12,000 to 15,000 people annually by providing basic food items to those in need. The Bread of Life ministry relies on help and support from the community. Nearly everything they do is funded on a volunteer or donation basis from the community.