From Glory to Glory: a worship series in preparation for General Conference

January 04, 2019
Submitted by the Rev. Kerry Greenhill
Chief Communication Officer & Ministry Consultant, Sacred Stones Ministries

As many of you are intimately aware, The United Methodist Church is preparing for a special session of General Conference next month. The purpose of this session is to vote on how to move forward as a denomination given differing beliefs around LGBTQ folks and same-sex relationships, especially regarding ordination and marriage.
To support pastors and churches in the weeks leading up to and immediately following General Conference 2019 (GC2019), Rev. Kerry Greenhill has created a lectionary-based worship series for the season from Epiphany to Transfiguration, a series that seeks to provide words of hope and encouragement to congregations wrestling with anxiety and division.
From Glory to Glory: Following the Spirit from Epiphany to Transfiguration includes liturgy (Call to Worship, Pastoral Prayer, and Benediction for each week, plus prayers of Confession, Great Thanksgiving, and more), sermon starters, questions for the preacher, and hymn suggestions for the nine weeks from January 6 to March 3, each week focusing on a different fruit of the Spirit as a guideline for living as the Body of Christ while we wait and watch for the results of GC2019.
It’s not too late to order these materials and gain resources for addressing questions of faith and doubt, integrity and diversity, justice and generosity in worship each week during this challenging time in our denomination. A Facebook group is also available for those using the series to discuss questions, ideas, and specific needs with each other throughout the season.
Visit to learn more and purchase the series, or email Kerry to request the outline of Scriptures and themes.