Go Green! for AC2024 in Casper WY

November 14, 2023

At AC2023 in Colorado Springs, the Creation Justice, Annual Conference Subcommittee saw the successful passage of their Resolution calling for the creation of Green Teams at every local church in the Mountain Sky Conference. In 2024, Annual Conference will be held in Casper, Wyoming. Creation Justice plans to “Green” the Conference as much as possible. We will be providing resources for local churches to use to establish new Green Teams and enhance existing ones. Additionally, we want to ensure that the Conference itself practices good stewardship of the earth. We hope to eliminate non-reusable bottles, disposable cups and bags, and set examples to take back to our local churches.  

We are seeking volunteers to work with us on this Subcommittee. We especially need volunteers from the Casper, Wyoming area. Please contact Dawn Givens at dawn@lilipurl.com if you have any questions, and to volunteer. Dawn Givens is a member of the Creation Justice Task Force and a member at Park Hill UMC, Denver.